Another day, another record snagged by BTS!

BTS has made headlines yet again in South Korea after it was announced that they will be receiving The Order of Cultural Merit by the Korean government.

On October 8, a spokesperson for The Blue House told media outlets that the South Korea president awarded both BTS and actor Lee Soon Jae.

The award recognizes:

“Outstanding meritorious services in the fields of culture and art in the interest of promoting the national culture and national development.”

BTS has contributed a lot for their own country and helped spread the Hallyu wave; which in return brings a lot of cash to the country.

They are the youngest recipients of the honor so far which a huge deal on its own.

Prime Minister Lee Nak Yeon had also praised BTS for helping create awareness of the Korean language through their music to the young people all over the world.

Fans are extremely happy for the boys who are breaking more records each day.

Congratulations to BTS!


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