British Man Spends A $100K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like BTS’s Jimin

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Recently a couple of British news outlets ran stories about a white man named Oli London who spent $100,000 to look like BTS’s Jimin.

The white man doesn’t mind spending a lot of money to look like his favorite idol. BTS’s Jimin is known for being one of the sexiest idols out there and he has a large fan base.

Oli takes that Jimin love to a new dimension.

The Londoner lived in Korea back in 2013 and has stumbled upon the band through their hit track “Fake Love.”

He admitted in an interview,

“They all look incredibly perfect and when I actually watch their videos, I cry just because they are so beautiful.”

The blogger and personal shopper has had so far four rhinoplasties, a blepharoplasty – which was work on his eyelids, a mandibular angle reduction – this is a jawline surgery, an incision inside his mouth, and he also shaved the bones down ‘to give it more structure.’  He also revealed that he had silicone chin implant and then had fat transferred to his cheeks and then topped that up with fillers.

Oli has insisted that he doesn’t want to change his ethnicity acknowledging that he will always be white and added,

“I would like to look as close as possible to Korean pop stars and Jimin… I just want the perfect face.”

You can check out his interview below where he talks about his past and how he started this.

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What do you think of this?

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  1. It amazes me how this man is spending money to look like someone he’s not even related within the culture. I asked my parents what they would do if they were rich, well known, and living the perfect, but also had over 100 thousand dollars in spending money. They said they would don’t it. Why can’t you, Oli London, express your love of kpop like everyone else? Like with merch and all? You deliberately have to go over board to look like someone you may never meet in later cuter said. Why go to places Jimin has been before to find Jimin yourself? You do understand how he might act when he sees you right? I don’t want to be mean, but on the inside Jimin might be very weirded out if you at all tell him you’re the guy trying to look like him because you love him and kpop. I can absolutely tell you love kpop, but you went out of your way trying to be a Korean. You can say you will still be this British white man, but you keep getting the surgeries to look like a whole other person!! THAT’S BY FAR MORE THEN CRAZY. You are completely ignorant for spending money on stuff that will only cause problems in your future. Those surgeries didn’t do anything, but make you look plastic and fake.

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