BIGBANG Seungri Reveals When He’ll Enlist In The Military


BIGBANG Seungri has finally given us a probable date for his pending military enlistment.

BIGBANG Seungri is the only BIGBANG member who hasn’t enlisted in the military yet, the rest of the members have already enlisted and are now serving well. T.O.P will be the first member to finish his military service since he enlisted first.

BIGBANG Seungri has spoken many times about when he plans on enlisting in the military and despite the fact that he can delay his military enlistment more he decided to enlist earlier so he can lessen the hiatus period of his group.

On October 1st, a press conference for the upcoming Netflix series “YG Future Strategy Office” was held, Seungri spoke again about when he plans on enlisting.

He revealed that he plans on enlisting early next year, he also said that the members requested he fill the gap so fans won’t feel the rest of the group absence while they serve the military.

He has kept that promise and worked so hard since the year started to honor that promise, he revealed,

“I will be enlisting as soon as possible so the group can return as soon as possible. The other members are doing well and in good health serving the country. I think its time we start preparing for BIGBANG’s comeback.”

Stay tuned for updates on the exact date Seungri will enlist!

Will you miss him?


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