B.A.P’s Himchan Will Be Edited Out Of His Group’s Upcoming Reality Show


B.A.P’s reality show “B.A.P Traince” was affected by Himchan’s controversy which broke through the news back in early September. As a result, the show delayed the premiere.

On October 8, a source from FashionN revealed that they plan on editing out Himchan’s from the show and revealed that the two episodes will air on October 9 and 10.

The source added,

“It’s a reality show with two episodes, Himchan won’t be show in broadcasts.”

Back on September 9, it was revealed that a B.A.P member is currently being investigated by police after he was accused of sexual harassment, TS Entertainment revealed that the member was Himchan.

The two parties gave contrasting statements. The incident reportedly took place on July 24th when Himchan was on vacation with two other men and three women including the accuser.

TS Entertainment confirmed the case has been forwarded to prosecution with the recommendation of an indictment. (An indictment is a criminal accusation that a person has committed a crime).

Himchan continues to claim that the incident was ‘consensual’ not forced as the accuser is claiming. It is reported that the parties were drinking at the scene.

The woman is claiming the physical contact was by force while Himchan denies all of it saying ‘good feelings were mutual.’

TS Entertainment has revealed that B.A.P Himchan’s case has been forwarded to prosecutors on September 10.

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