Army Disappointed That Steve Aoki New Collaboration Track With BTS Only Includes Three Members


Steve Aoki’s new collaboration track with BTS is finally out and it’s a bop as expected! However some army have expressed their disappointment with the track “Waste It On Me.”

Initially, Steve Aoki revealed that it’s a collaboration with BTS and fans understood it that its going to include the entire group similar to their hit collaboration “MIC DROP.”

However, when the song dropped out a couple of hours ago fans only heard RM and Jungkook and also Jimin’s voice, fans believe that Jimin sang for the vocal part as well.

Some army found this disappointing because they were expecting another hit with all of the boys but that didn’t happen. Still, that didn’t mean that fans didn’t enjoy the song, some said Jungkook’s vocals and English pronunciation has gotten a lot better and they praised him for that.

Some left comments such as,

“I love this!! BUT I wish they’d all have gotten a little part to sing in English.”

“I loved the song but where are my other babies?”

“The song still amazing, but please! Don’t give us a fake hope, just say JK and RM & Steve aoki.”

“More like Steve Aoki ft. RM, Jungkook and Jimin lmao.”

I thought that it was an interesting thing to share, should have Steve Aoki been a bit more specific with his announcement or have simply left it as is?

other armys defended the choice and said that the fandom should appreciate what they got.

The Kpop listeners (those who were against it) would be excited and still listen if it had only Jungkook and RM. However, to people who don’t frequently listen to Kpop they might not recognize the names or easily pronounce it.

Others argue that its better the track is written ft. BTS since it gives the entire group exposure. Some also pointed out a very important detail, those who work in the American music industry aren’t used to deal with 7 people at a time for a song and since Steve Aoki worked on it, it might be that he would have struggled if he decided to include the rest.

Regardless, I liked the song and the way the members sang. In my opinion, Jungkook’s pronunciation was a lot better than RM’s. This was shocking to me since he can speak English very well.

It was arranged well! However, I found some parts difficult to understand especially if I am not paying close attention, I couldn’t understand what they were saying sometimes.

In my opinion, I understand the disappointment part and I don’t know if Steve Aoki did that intentionally or not. I am not an army so I am not disappointed but for army who have thought it included the entire group, it probably led to disappointment when the song ended and they couldn’t hear the rest of the members’ voices.

I don’t think those who felt disappointed should be attacked by fellow army.

On the good side, I can imagine people (non-kpoppers) listening to this and liking it without knowing who it is.

Some say they can hear Jhope and V in the background but I am not used to listening to BTS members sing in Korean or English, I still can’t tell their voices apart so well.

What do you guys think of this?


  1. I actually really like this song. And I trust that there must be a reason that Big Hit, BTS and Steve Aoki made ilike this. – I love the melody! Let’s be positive and support their decision!


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