I think its safe to say that army are excited about BTS’s RM new mixtape “Mono.”

Twitter is buzzing with words of praise for the leader of one of the biggest Kpop groups, RM.

On October 23 at midnight KST, RM dropped his newest mixtape. In the mixtape there are 7 tracks and 3 of them feature other artists, notably popular indie band Nell.

As of this article publish date, RM and “Mono” are trending on the top 10 spots of worldwide trends on twitter with #monoishere being first, #monoiscoming second, Seoul, Namjoon and Moonchild trending at number 3, 4 and 8 respectively.

As we speak some of these trends spots might change and the numbers of tweets are also rising.


Fans can’t stop gushing about the new mixtape and can’t find words to praise RM.

Have you checked out the new mixtape yet? what did you think of it?


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