An ABC news anchor is facing huge backlash from BTS fans and kpop fans around the world for his rude behavior during news coverage of ‘General Assembly of the United Nations.’

The segment in question called “World News Now” covered BTS attendance of the famous United Nations assembly, his remarks towards BTS while he covered their story made fans blood boil.

As RM spoke, he sarcastically commented,

“That’s so poetic.” while he fake cried.

While he co-anchor Stephanie Ramos tried talking about their accomplishments and milestones, he said,

It’s a boy band from Korea.” When she said, “They’re role models,” Gibson continuously shook his head and smirked, and said, “They’ve got choreographed dance moves.”

He also kept laughing at RM’s speech while a part of it played in the background.

His attitude during the broadcast rubbed people the wrong way. His demeanor was shocking considering the initiative and the message BTS was trying to send.

Fans commented,

“As a black woman, I am deeply offended by Kendis Gidson’s comments. BTS was speaking out against racism and he rudely shut them down. That was disgraceful! I have not listened to a lot BTS’s music, but I will now. BTS’s speech was admirable and they got a new fan.”

“They’ve got choreographed dance moves? and you got script written for you to read. Let’s see if you will ever be able to speak at UN.”

“This has me fuming. BTS didn’t go to the UN to give that speech as BTS, they went as ambassadors for their UNICEF campaign and as people trying to make a difference in the world.”

“Unacceptable. He sounds like a tool and the woman is all “yeah I know *sigh*” at his comments in agreement. Both of them were blowing BTS off and just boiled them down to a Korean boy band like that’s all they are. Extremely disappointed.”

What do you personally think of this?


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