Actor Sung Hoon Shocks Fans By Revealing He Undergone 6 Surgeries In The Past

Actor Sung Hoon who has recently gained attention in 2017 hit OCN drama “My Secret Romance” has opened up about his struggles with his health to his fans on a recent episode of “I Live Alone.”

Sung Hoon has a toned body that is envied by many but he revealed that he tries his best to stay fit. He had previously undergone six bone transplant surgeries because of a tumor he suffered from back when he was young.

He was trying to join the Korean Triathlon Federation; he specified he was trying to join the half Triathlon.

He had to fill an application, in it, he was asked about his current illness and whether he’s been under surgery before, he started writing a lot and specified the times he had gone under surgery.

Because of an illness, he started having surgeries when he was in the second grade, he then had more 5 surgeries because of his illness, in his high school years and in university as well.

He had also fractured his hands and had to go under surgery again.

When asked why he’s doing this and the fact that these surgeries can disqualify him from participating he said,

“I used to be an athlete with that body until I was 28.

I’m sure it’ll be hard for me to participate but I want to overcome that and go back to how I used to be.”

Sung Hoon was a swimming champion in his University and specialized in butterfly stroke.

He swam for 14 years but had to quit because of a spinal injury. He then enlisted into the military, but the same injury sent him home early, he went on and became a swimming trainer.

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