Actor Jo Jung Suk and longtime girlfriend Singer Gummy have officially tied the knot today.

On October 8, the singer and actor labels confirmed the two have gotten married today through a private ceremony surrounded by their loved ones.

Jo Jung Suk’s JS Company and Gummy’s C-Jes Entertainment both released official statements confirming that the wedding was held with their families.

The labels also expressed their gratitude for the fans who sent warm wished towards the married couple.

They first met back in 2013 through acquaintances and started dating then. 5 years later and in 2018 they announced they would be getting married.

The couple had previously stated they would be holding their wedding in the fall of 2018 without specifying an exact date or releasing it to the public.

Back in July, the couple was spotted in Jeju Island. They had gone there to take their wedding photos.

They have shared photos of it, check them out below:

Congrats to the happy couple!


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