BTS’s Jimin is making headlines for the way he reacted to a fan who collapsed at BTS’s Chicago concert back on October 3rd.

The boys were having lots of fun and they were near the standing area close to the fans, Jimin was singing but noticed that a fan collapsed. He kept a close eye on her and made sure she was carried away safely by the security guard.

He even put down his MIC, he was very careful to make sure she was okay, he asked the guard who took her away to assure him she was safe with an ‘OK’ sign with his hand.

The girl in question has asked people not to publish videos of what happened to her, she prefers to remain anonymous and explained that she didn’t faint because of excitement, dehydration or heat.

She explained that the girl in front of her had been elbowing her pretty hard to the point she couldn’t breathe and her ribs hurt whenever she did.

Fans were touched by Jimin’s kindness to look out for the fan they left many comments such as “he’s an angel,” “he loves his fans,” and much more.


  1. Wow. I am seriously touched and happy how jimin was worried about the fan that collapsed. But I didn’t know that that concerts can be rough and unpredictable. I hope the fan is doing well, love you Jimin ❤.


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