“100 Days My Prince” Is Breaking All Boundaries And Showing Cable Channel Can Be Successful

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In case you haven’t heard the happy news yet and you’re an EXO fan, let me tell you!

“100 Days My Prince” EXO’s D.O first leading role in a drama is doing extremely extremely well.

“100 Days My Prince” is not a public channel drama but a cable channel drama, tvN. This means that the Korean public must pay to see dramas on tvN, this is why usually cable channel dramas score lower ratings.

However, “100 Days My Prince” is one of these cable channel dramas that are driving the change and proving that cable channel dramas can compete with public channel dramas and outdo them.

With its most recent episodes, episode 7 and 8 Nielsen Korea revealed that “100 Days My Prince” rated 8% and 9.2% with its 7th and 8th episode respectively.

This makes “100 Days My Prince” the highest viewership ratings of all dramas in its time slot, on cable and public broadcasting channel also across all paid platforms, including cable, satellite, and IPTV.

Competing new dramas “Where stars Land” “Bad Papa” as well as “Lovely Horribly” didn’t do as well. “Where stars Land” rated 5.9%, 7.2%, 6.3% and 8.6% for its 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th episode respectively.

“100 Days My Prince” is also approaching the double-digit rating mark and is expected to cross it next week.

The rising tension and the developing romance between EXO’s D.O and Nam Ji Hyun’s character as well as the beautifully written plot make this drama all more special.

EXO’s D.O first EVER leading drama project is shaping out to be a huge success. Despite the idol tag, EXO’s D.O was able to compete with fellow more experienced actors in one of the most competitive night time time-slots.

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