Zico Leaving Block B And His Agency Once His Contract Expires?


Rumors have it that Block B’s Leader Zico is leaving his group and his agency once his contract expires in November 2018.

Rumors first started when various reports came out stating that the popular rapper contract is expiring in November, he has caught the attention and interest of various labels and producers.

The rapper is known for his flow, his talent as a rapper and a producer. He has many hits under his name; he composed for his group and for himself. Many of the tracks he wrote and produced were met with great reception so its only expected that he would receive love calls from multiple agencies.

However, it was reported that the rapper turned down the offers and said he plans on going solo for the rest of the year after this month ends, according to one report.

Zico is said to have also expressed his desire not to be a part of Block B anymore once his contract is up according to many of these news reports.

Block B last comeback was back in January with their repackage album “Re:MONTAGE,” which featured title track “Don’t Leave.”

Initially, a source from his agency Seven Seasons said,

“We are still discussing the length of his contact, so we have nothing more to share at this moment. We are adjusting his schedule until November since its expected more cities will be added to his tour.”

The rapper will soon go on a tour in America and Europe as part of “King of the Zungle,” the first concert will start in Madrid on September 26. The rapper is set to perform for the upcoming inter-Korean summit on September 18-20.

The agency then came back with another statement basically the same as their last, they added,

“We are still discussing everything from all angles including the possibility of his contract renewal. An announcement will be made once a decision has been decided.”

What do you think will happen?

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My Thoughts

I woke up to the news, I was reading this in my bed at 7 am in the morning and still 15 hours later I am upset….

I am a huge Block B fan, they are the only Kpop group I truly listen to. I know all their songs and bought their albums when I went to Seoul and have been saving money to see them in concert so this news really hurt me.

However, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I am their fan and I watch their vLive and their interviews and follow their articles so I know, I knew that Zico was done.

He has been lately introducing himself as Zico, he used to introduce himself as Block B’s Zico. To the people who claim to be their fans and say that they knew they were business partners that is false and you’re lying through your teeth.

I watched “5 Minutes Before Chaos” and their relationship looked so strong, I know that Zico wasn’t close with everyone equally and it was obvious but overall he was comfortable around his members.

Also, to those who said he wanted to leave a long time ago I want to tell you if he had wanted to leave he would have left a long time ago after all that big scandal happened with their previous agency. He even talked about it and said that Jay Park scouted him to AOMG, he also said that he has received many offers over the years.

As someone who has seen the potentials of Block B members it always annoyed me and hurt me that Zico was the center and the one who is always talked about. It must’ve hurt the members who probably hated being in his shadow all the time, especially since some of them are so darn talented.

I saw it coming and my heart knew ever since P.O did that interview back in April talking about contract renewals, I knew it was almost over.

Zico then announced his comeback and a tour then so I figured if they would stay together they would come back in 2019, that was if they wished to stay together.

All the members have been promoting solo since the year began except when they were promoting their last comeback back in January.

I would understand if they disbanded or if Zico left, but when I hear the news I will be crying and in a bad mood for a very long time.

Zico carried Block B on his shoulders and tried his best for the members; there is only much he could do. I would totally understand if he chose to pursue a solo career instead.

He outgrew his group and that’s the sad reality. I will always support all of them always. When I was going through a very difficult time in my life those boys made me smile and helped me get through it, without them, I don’t know if I would have been able to move on… it sounds corny but that’s what it was for me…


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