YG Entertainment Shocks Fans By Announcing iKON’s Third Comeback Of The Year


iKON fans woke up today to the best possible news EVER! YG Entertainment has revealed that the group is preparing for their third comeback of 2018!

On September 11 at 10 a.m. KST, a new puzzling teaser for iKON’s second mini-album “New Kids: The Final” was released.

This third mini album concludes the “New Kids” series that began back in 2017 with “New Kids: Begin.”

iKON is having a good year. Earlier this year, the group made a splashing success with “Love Scenario.” The song achieved a perfect all-kill on Korean charts and remained in the top 10 for a very long time. It was their most successful release to date.

The group had made their second comeback back on August 2nd, with the title track “Killing Me” which is part of the second album “New Kids: Continue.”

The title track was also a smashing success globally for the group, they topped their highest number of iTunes album charts to date with “New Kids: Continue.”

The group has been actively promoting their newest comeback and appearing on a variety of shows of all kinds. Fans are super excited that iKON is making yet another comeback this year.

“New Kids: The Final” will be released on October 1st which is far away from now but still exciting news.

This is huge for a multitude of reasons, YG Entertainment is known for giving their artists a comeback each year and a half, its already considered rare that a YG Entertainment group makes a comeback twice a year, so the news of a third comeback shocked YG stans who couldn’t believe their eyes when they first saw the teaser.

It is believed that iKON is the only YG Entertainment group to have had so many comebacks in one year.


Who else is excited about iKON’s comeback?

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