On September 20, Sports Seoul revealed in an exclusive report that YG will be launching a new boy group through a survival show set to air on Naver TV in November.

The news was met with mixed reactions and some fans didn’t expect that YG would be working on a girl group and boy group survival show around the same time.

A source from YG Entertainment talked to Star News and said something that seemingly confirms that YG is debuting a new boy group soon, the source said,

“Its been 3 years since iKON made their debut. Just like any other major agency, its natural to debut a new rookie group.

Since Yang Hyun Suk prefers to avoid the same member number and musical color when creating a group, there is nothing set in stones about the group yet. However, its true that YG production team and producers are busy working these days.”

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: (A)


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