Yenny (HA:TFELT) Currently Being Investigated By Police Because Of Her Father’s Fraud Case


HA:TFELT aka Former Wonder Girls Yenny is currently under police investigation!

On September 10, Channel A reported that the popular former Wonder Girls member has been investigated by police because of her father’s ongoing fraud case.

A representative from Yenny’s side carefully opened up about the ongoing case after Channel A’s report, they said,

“We’re careful because it’s a personal matter but she participated in the police investigation. She diligently participated in the investigation to prove she has nothing to do with the case.

We apologize for creating controversy because of her father’s issues.”

Her agency also confirmed that she has also been sued for fraud alongside her dad but she is now participating in the investigation as much as she can to prove she has nothing to do with it.

Yenny’s father (Pastor Park) has used his daughter’s fame to scam the people of his church; an exclusive report dived into the situation last year. He was then arrested to fraud of approximately 20 billion KRW (~17.5 million USD).

He had set up something called ‘economy research center’ and collected over 20 billion won from about 150 people. He started that scam back in January 2010 and it ran up to August 2016.

Using his pastor status, he told people that it was the will of God and that they would be punished if they did not pay, not only that, he also used his daughter Yenny whenever someone complained. He would say,

“My daughter is a famous celebrity. Do you think I would commit fraud?”

We hope that Yenny’s name gets cleared soon! Fighting!

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