Yenny Talks About Being Sued For Fraud, Her Volatile Toxic Relationship With Her Father And More In New Interview

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Former Wonder Girls member Yeeun has been embroiled in controversy because of her father’s wrongdoings.

Yesterday it was revealed that she was sued for fraud along with her father and that she had participated in an investigation by the police.

On September 11, Yeeun opened up about the struggles she’s going through in an interview with Edaily.

She talked about the fraud charges, her father and their toxic relationship and why she will never forgive him for what he has done to her and her family.

She said,

“I debuted as part of Wonder Girls and promoted with them for more than 10 years, after that I moved to Amoeba Culture and greeted fans in the name of HA:TFELT.

I don’t have much, but I earn enough money to give allowance to my family and eat what I want and pay for living expenses.

There is no reason for me to be involved in such a fraud logically speaking. I am not reckless or that stupid to do such a thing.”

She opened up about her painful family history and discussed her parents’ divorce which happened when she was only 12 years old. She revealed that her father remarried three years later, she said,

“My parents had a bad relationship ever since I could remember because of father’s continuous affairs, my parents divorced because of that. I have an uncomfortable relationship with him and didn’t even call him ‘father.’

When my sister married back in 2012 we had to contact him. I spoke to him and he continued to try to reach out to me saying ‘I miss you and I am sorry.’ I forgave him for a while but again anger between us exploded and we cut contact. This process was repeated over and over again. I didn’t know that in those few times I forgave him it would become such a big deal.

There were rumors about her participating in a business information session where she introduced her dad to producers, she explained herself and said,

“I have never participated in such a thing and I can promise this is no lie. My father continuously asked me to introduce him to composers because he was preparing for an entertainment business. So I introduced him to a producer and three clients at a café. It was not a business information session. If I had known that it was related to fraud, I would have never arranged it and would have cut off all contact with my dad immediately.”

She started crying when she opened up about the victims of fraud and sexual assault, she said her heart hurts so badly adding,

“They have been in so much pain than I have. If my name was used for fraud without me knowing, I feel even more ashamed.”

She ended her interview with saying that she will never forgive her father who is now under charges of not only fraud by sexual assault as well saying that she and her family have promised that we will cut all contact with him.

She added,

“My heart hurts and I am not involved in the case. I will endure the investigation and faithfully participate in the investigation.”

Her father is now serving a six-year sentence and has been charged with alleged sexual assault.

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