Will VIXX Renew Their Contracts With Their Label Once They Expire? Leader N Answers Fans Burning Questions

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VIXX has debuted back in 2012, in 2019 the group would be 7 years old and it means one thing and one thing only, the group members contracts will soon expire.

It the norm in Kpop agencies that the idols’ contracts are set to 7 years, VIXX is no exception, leader N recently sat down for an interview with media outlet News1 to discuss his recently concluded drama “Familiar Wife” and he talked about the future of VIXX.

He revealed that the members still live in a dorm together despite the fact that their agency allowed them to live separately a while ago, he said,

“I like living in the dorm with the rest of my members. Our agency gave us the freedom to live on our own about two or three years ago, the member could have easily decided to move out but they didn’t. We talked with each other and decided to continue living together in the dorm exactly like we used to.

Of course we need our personal space. As the group leader, there are times that I don’t want to show my negative emotions to the members so we still need our personal space.”

He was asked about the contracts which are set to expire soon, he was asked if they’d renew as a group or not, he said,

“Honestly, we haven’t discussed it yet. We usually aren’t the type of people who talk about serious matters easily. But if one of us suggested it, we gather to talk about it. So far, no one has. Although I haven’t had the chance to discuss it in details with the members yet, we love our group and have affection for it. We pursue our solo activities and gain a lot from talking to each other. This is why we end up cheering and supporting each other even more.”

N also opened up about his personal slump, he said,

“To be honest, I had fell into a slump several times over the past couple of years. The most recent one I had a hard time last year. I worried about the musical direction VIXX has to take in the future.

I started thinking about it more and more since its our seventh year as a group. There were times that I even felt bored watching my own performances.

However, during the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejun we performed ‘Shangri-La’ and it gave me strength. It felt that we found a new perspective on VIXX. I told the members back then that its time we think about the picture we want to paint for VIXX.”

The remix performance went viral last year and boosted VIXX’s song ranking, it had been months since it was released before it gained momentum.

VIXX is 29 (Korean age) and must enlist soon, when he was asked about it, he said that he will enlist when the duty calls as a healthy man ready to serve his country.

He was also asked about how he felt that he’s becoming 30 soon, he admitted he felt anxiety but it has subsided but is still there, he added,

“I might not be able to achieve the goals I have in mind, but I think I’m walking toward my goal. So, I’m not afraid of my age.”

What do you think of what he said? Do you believe VIXX will renew their contracts?

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