Wanna One Agency Swing Entertainment Apologizes For Manager’s Violent Actions At The Airport


One of Wanna One’s managers is under fire for his actions.

Wanna One departed from Seoul To Thailand on September 28, a video showing a fan getting shoved to the ground in a very aggressive manner at the airport.

Fans shared the video across all portals and expressed their dissatisfaction with how the manager handled the situation and how he pushed the girl to the group so hard.

Wanna One’s management agency Swing Entertainment issued a lengthy apology the following day. They wrote,

“Hello. This is Swing Entertainment.

We’d like to apologize for worrying fans about the video that is currently causing backlash online.

The video in question was filmed at the airport on September 28 while Wanna One departed to Thailand, and the person in the video is indeed a manager of the company.

After watching the video, the manager has been deeply reflecting his actions that were extreme and he will be disciplined accordingly.

We’re deeply sorry for the fan in the video; this is something that should have never happened under any circumstances. We deeply apologize to all the fans for causing trouble through this disgraceful incident.

We will do our best to prevent this type of ordeal from ever happening again through better-detailed training [to upcoming managers].

Once again, we apologize to the fans who love Wanna One, we will become a Swing Entertainment that takes better measures and puts in greater effort.”

How do you feel about this?

Here is the video:

180928 양심 없는건 아니에요? 아무래도 보호원이라도 팬이 이렇게 밀린거 너무한거 아니가요? #워너원 #WannaOne pic.twitter.com/lvJY494Cu9

— Sushi 🐰 (@sushi0105) September 28, 2018

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