TWICE’s Dating Ban Expires In A Month, Fans Anticipating What Will Happen Then’s-“Heart-Shaker”-youtube-record.jpg

Guess who’s gonna be able to date freely without consequences from their agency soon?

The nation’s girl group TWICE!

JYP Entertainment is one of the agencies that impose a dating ban and fans are well aware of the dating ban and its period. JYP Entertainment imposes a dating ban for 3 years after any of its groups debuted.

The dating ban is making headlines again because the label’s female group TWICE is approaching their 3rd anniversary. The group debuted back on October 20, 2015.

We are about a month away from the group’s third anniversary. Now they will be able to freely date without worrying about consequences from their label, however, the public and fans’ reaction remains a mystery that only time shall tell if they will be supportive or not.

Fans are now interested and curious to find out about what dating rumors that TWICE members will be involved in. International fans are known for being more supportive of their idols dating however national fans might have a different idea.

I hope that TWICE members find that special someone to date and be with, it will be interesting to see what kind of men TWICE members will end up dating.

Are you happy the dating ban for TWICE will be lifted soon or not?


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