If you want something that will make your day better I have got just the video to do that!

BTS are now busy touring in America to greet their fans in sold out shows in various places around the country. They recently finished their four stops tour in LA and moved to Oakland and Fort Worth; they also have a concert in Fort Worth today.

A video of BTS’s V talking in English has fans smiling from ear to ear, RM is known for being the only BTS member who can speak good English but fans have noticed just how much the rest of BTS are trying hard to learn English to better communicate with their international fans.

BTS V’s English has improved so much and this recent video of him shows him speaking full sentences fluently, check out the video below and let me know what you think:

Fans left encouraging comments expressing just how proud they are of V who has been working on his English despite his extremely busy schedule.

Also, if V spoke like that to me I would have probably fainted, he is so damn sexy!


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