Super Junior’s Heechul Can’t Stop Praising CL’s Attitude And Manners On And Off Stage

Gotta love those SMxYG interactions!

Super Junior’s Heechul is very impressed with hoobae former 2NE1 leader CL attitude and manners.

On an episode of “Life Bar” CL was one of the guests, Heechul is part of the permanent cast. He was observing CL’s attitude as they were pouring drinks, she was making sure that everyone had ice in their cups.

He complimented her saying it was so nice of her to keep checking on everyone’s cup to make sure they all had ice when she really didn’t have to, he said,

“She is really kind. I hid my cup thinking whether would she find for it and if she didn’t, I would have been sad. However, I could see that she kept on looking around looking for my cup.”

CL laughed and looked a little bit shy while adding,

“Its because you hid your cup very well.”

Heechul went on to talk about hearing CL’s real voice for the first time ever which happens to be very different from her rapping and singing voice, he also talked about how different she is off and on-stage and how she transforms from Chaerin to CL.

He also complimented her professionalism adding,

“Back when she debuted with ‘Fire’ we should sit down or even lie down on stage. There are many singers and staff walking around the stage so it can become dirty. Its only possible because you’re a pro and you’re comfortable on stage.”

Fans loved the interactions between SM and YG artists; Heechul has noticed how professional CL has been ever since she debuted.

Check out the video below:

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