South Korean Football Team Gets Exempt From Military, Igniting Debate Among Kpop Idols Exemption

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South Koreans are celebrating hard tonight. The South Korean football team has received military exemption after they won against Japan in “2018 Asian Games” on September 1st by 2-1.

Son Heung Min was exempted along with all of his teammates as well including Lee Seung Woo and Hwang Hee Chan who scored the two goals at the final match and brought pride to their country.

But why?

For athletes who win gold at the Asian Games or a medal of any color at the Olympics, the South Korean government offers the exemption. Since the team won such an important award they received an exemption. (Source: The Guardian)

Everyone is currently celebrating the win of South Korea all over social media. The moment the match ended with South Korea’s win, the entire team can be seen happy about the victory.

But what do Kpop idols have to do with this?

In case you don’t remember, back in late July, assembly member Ha Tae Kyung of The Bareun Mirae Party evoked a discussion at the general meeting of National Assembly Defense Committee about who should be exempt from the military.

He said,

“There are requests for BTS to be exempt from the military service, so I examined the list of international competitions that determine who gets exempt and I found that there is a problem is terms of fairness.

If you win first place in a classical music competition such as violin or the piano, you’re given an exemption from mandatory military service, on the other hand, if you take first place on Billboard with popular music, you’re not given an exemption.

PSY has set a new record for YouTube views and had a large influence on people around the world.

First place in a ballet competition is on the list but there is no first place for b-boys on it. We need to recognize and encourage our nation to dream and give aspiration to younger people who are not on the exemption list of the military. There is also no exemption in the field of film and theatre.”

This started a debate between Kpop fans, some favoring a military exemption law for idols while some others saying that they should be serving just like all other idol group members who did before them.

BTS, EXO, GOT7 and many other groups contribute to the Hallyu wave and to their country, they bring in a lot of money and pride and help let the world know about South Korea.

This is something that football teams and participants in classical music competitions do, idols do add to their countries but they don’t get that exemption, many Kpop fans argue.

Starting the debate again, do you guys think a new law for b-boys and kpop groups exemption needs to be presented?

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