Some Netizens Are Refusing iKON Junheo’s Apology, Say It Lacks Sincerity

Things aren’t dying down yet for iKON Junheo who recently made a mistake and told a fan not to order him to do this or that because he shared a photo of a gift from Japanese comedian/film director Kitano Takeshi.

According to Netizens, the Japanese comedian/film director is allegedly known for making anti-Korea remarks in the past.

After what he originally said, he apologized, not once but twice.

However, some netizens claim that he didn’t mean the apology and that it lacks sincerity, some leaving comments such as,

 “How didn’t he know about this? the fan directly said that the Japanese guy had made anti-Korea remarks.”

“I guess YG told him to write another apology since things blew up. So fake.”

“It seems that he got into trouble for the post, but its too late.”

“Bye Junhoe”

“Go to japan…”

And much more.

What do you think of netizens response? do you think they’re just or overreacting?

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