Recent Photos Of Ji Chang Wook In The Military Is Reminder Of Just How Much We Miss Him

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Beloved actor Ji Chang Wook has an army of fans who are counting the days to see him back on TV.

He has been serving well in the military and has joined fellow actor and friend Kang Ha Neul and idol Sunggyu of INFINITE in the military musical “Shinheung Military Academy.”

The musical highlights the lives of ordinary youths who put their lives on the line in order to form a free nation. The cast totals to 37 members, all of the cast participating in the musical will be composed of soldiers who excel at acting, singing, and dancing.

Ji Chang Wook is playing the role of Dong Gyu, he is a top student at the academy, he is the son of a man who died by suicide to express his resistance to imperialism.

Ji Chang Wook had previously expressed just how much this project means to him, he said,

“This is a very meaningful project for me, and I’m having so much fun preparing for it.”

The musical will be performed from September 9 to September 23 at the National Museum of Korea’s Theater Yong.  After that, the cast will go around the nation for a tour.

Various photos of Ji Chang Wook backstage the musical are making headlines, he is so handsome and his smile is warm. He posed with many of his fellow soldiers and cast members and was also seen with fellow actor and friend Kang Ha Neul.

The photos are making fans hearts flutter and are also a reminder of just how much they missed him. They are glad that he is doing well and doing the thing he loves best while in the army!

Check out more photos of him:

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