Park Bom Just Replied To A Fan Who Said She Ruined 2NE1


In irritating news today, I have an update to share with you on Park Bom and 2NE1.

A ‘fan’ wrote a very stupid comment on Park Bom’s most recent post. Park Bom shared a post of a DJ from her label that has recently signed with preparing for her return.

She captioned,

“Introducin~~ My best friend & D-nation BO$$ @scotty_kim #dnation.”

A ‘fan’ commented,

“You destroyed 2ne1 but I still love you Bom :(“

As you’d expect that didn’t go well with Park Bom who saw that very irritating comment and decided to reply back in the most savage way possible, she replied,

“I did not, somebody else did.”

For starters, real 2NE1 fans weren’t happy with that comment, not even one bit, they also started speculating who Bom could be referring to.

Many fans believe that YG Entertainment could have done better with 2NE1; many still don’t know why the group was never able to recover after Minzy’s departure.

In November 2016, YG Entertainment shocked the Kpop community when it announced the group had disbanded and revealed that only two of its artists have re-signed CL and Dara.

Since November 2016, Park Bom had been a soloist without a label but she has recently announced she joined the new agency D Nation, she is currently working on her comeback and usually shares updates with fans on her progress.

Fans are hoping to hear the queen’s voice very soon.

What do you think of Park Bom’s response to that person?


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