Nicki Minaj Made A Special Request From Big Hit Entertainment For Her Appearance In IDOL’s MV

Yesterday on September 6 Big Hit Entertainment shocked all of us when they suddenly dropped the special version of BTS’s newest hit track “IDOL” MV.

The MV featured Nicki Minaj, she did her part justice and fans were very happy with the MV, some even pointed out that it was such a nice idea from Big Hit Entertainment to include Korean subtitles behind her in the MV.

Big Hit Entertainment usually adds English subtitles to BTS’s MVs because of their large fan base in respect of the fans who want to understand what BTS’s saying.

Big Hit Entertainment shared the sweet detail behind the MV and the idea Nicki Minaj pitched, they said,

“She pitched the idea of showing her rap lyrics in Korean, so we put it in Korean Romanization of her English rap as if it was subtitled.”

The MV also included various versions of fans interpretations of the “IDOL Challenge” that J-Hope started and suggested. Fans were very happy that the MV included everyone fans from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

It’s the little touches that matter. Fans, both Korean and international, loved the little touches for what they added to the big picture.

Did you watch the special version of IDOL MV? What did you think of it?

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