Netizens Praise IU’s For Her Thoughtful Idea For 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting

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IU has a very special connection with her fans those who are over and under 18.

IU has held her 10th-anniversary fan meetings On September 15. The thing that made this such a special fan meeting was the fact that it was a two part show, the first part starts at 1 PM and is designated for teen fans and another one held at 6 PM for fans over 20 years old.

The reason for splitting the fan meeting into two parts is to cater to her fans and to allow the younger fans enough time to return before curfew.

The theme of the fan meeting was also special because the theme of the morning fan meeting was ‘movie characters,’ IU dressed up as princess Jazmine. Fans also dressed up as many different characters.

Fans had lots of fun and photos of the different costumes fans wore spread online. Netizens praised IU for her dedication to fans and also thought fans were very creative with the costumes they wore.

Check out some of these photos below:

My Thoughts

This is such a clever thoughtful idea that not a lot of idols would be willing to make.

I mean why you would split your fan meeting and repeat the process twice and have to put on a show twice and react a certain way. You must really care about your fans to split the fan meeting into two parts.

Its both clever and thoughtful of IU to have done this. I keep thinking about the cost and the effort that goes into making these events. People don’t know how much effort and time and planning it takes to make these events, since I know it makes me respect IU even more!


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