iKON Junhoe is under fire because of his activity on social media.

Recently, he posted a photo of a gift he received from Japanese comedian/film director Kitano Takeshi. He boasted about the gift and shared it to his Instagram and captioned,

“Kitano Takeshi-san, thank you. Please come to iKON’s concert.”

However, after seeing his post, a fan left a comment telling him that Kitano Takeshi has a history of hating Korea, he told Junhoe to delete all posts related to the comedian.

What caused the huge backlash and controversy was his reply to that fan, he said,

“Don’t order me to do this or that~~ I don’t like it.”


He also explained in another comment that he liked Kitano Takeshi because of his art, adding,

“Why is that whenever there is an issue you always ask to take back and delete all traces?”

“I also have feelings too, so please respect them. There is no problem with me liking him as an artist.”

Netizens didn’t like his comment and they also didn’t like that he told the fan not to order him to do this or that, some of the comments said,

“Does he have a brain?”

“Why is he trying to cause issues before his group’s comeback?”

“Arrogant much?”

“He must apologize.”

“Act humble not like that…”

“This fan gave you an advice and you ignored it.”

Netizens also brought up alleged Kitano Takeshi’s past, he had previously reportedly posted comments attacking Korea saying things like ‘Still a Japanese colony and “Korea must be reclaimed’ and more.

He has deleted his post since then. What do you think of this?


  1. He’s a human, not an object that’s spouse to be humble and never have any options quit being dramatic if that’s what he wants people to know then he should be able to say it. *eye roll*


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