Nam Joo Hyuk Talks Why He Struggles Expressing His Feelings Because Of This


Nam Joo Hyuk is an amazing person who isn’t afraid of talking about himself and the things he lacks.

He recently had a pictorial with GQ Korea and did an interview as well for the fans who are always curious to find out more about him.

In the interview he shocked fans when he revealed that he struggles in expressing himself well, he added,

“Honestly, if I were to admit it, I feel even nervous when I shake my fans hands.

I am the kind that hides his feelings well, whether it was something good or bad. I thought that I shouldn’t easily show my feelings to other people.”

His statement shocked fans, he explained why he became like that, he said,

“I used to cry a lot growing up. Even if it wasn’t serious, I would still cry a lot. I was teased for it for being a crybaby when I was young and it hurt my pride. I didn’t want to cry but my tears just kept falling out, this is why I wanted to hide that. After I decided to do this, to hide my feelings and I have never cried in front people not even once after that.”

Did you know that Nam Joo Hyuk used to be a crybaby?


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