Nam Joo Hyuk Opens Up About His Extreme Struggles Growing Up In A Poor Family


Nam Joo Hyuk fans were extremely shocked and taken back when they found out about the popular actors’ struggles growing up in a poor family.

Nam Joo Hyuk appeared in MBC’s “Radio Star” alongside Jo In Sung, Bae Sung Woo, Park Byung Eun to promote their upcoming movie “The Great Battle.”

MC Kim Gook Jin said to Nam Joo Hyuk that he doesn’t seem like someone who has struggled much growing up, Nam Joo Hyuk shocked when he revealed that his family experienced very difficult times when he was younger.

He said,

“It used to be really tough for me and my family. For a whole year of the 3rd grade, I only ate cup ramen. We didn’t even have a bathroom in our house.”

The MCs, as well as his movie co-stars, were shocked to hear that it was this extreme.

He then explained that his family circumstances greatly improved and he was even able to donate to his high school. He also added,

“My mom is happy now. She uses the credit card well. I also got her a new phone.”

Hearing this, Jo In Sung revealed that Nam Joo Hyuk had actually ended up crying when talking about this to Cha Tae Hyun. Nam Joo Hyuk explained himself, he said,

“I don’t know why but I suddenly started to cry.”

They asked him then if things remained that way after he started modeling, he revealed,

“Until 21, even with modeling, it was still really hard.” He added that after the success of “School 2015” things started to get better.

He was asked about his spending habits as well, he said that he doesn’t spend a lot but did buy himself a nice computer since he loves to fame. He also revealed that he thinks a lot before he buys something due to his past.

The MCs encouraged him and said,

“This is just the beginning for you.”

Nam Joo Hyuk fans were very shocked after they heard him say that, however, they are happy that he made it big and is now able to spend on his parents and spoil them.

Did this shock you? Did you know Nam Joo Hyuk grew up in a poor family?


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