Matthew Mcconaughey Attends BTS’s Concert, Walks Out With A Signed Album And Merch

In today’s shocking but pleasant news we have Matthew Mcconaughey and BTS! Yes, you read that right, the two are in the same sentence together.

The famous Hollywood Oscar-Winner actor has attended BTS’s most recent concert.

The boys held another successful concert on September 16 in Fort Worth, Texas. The show was sold out as you’d expect, many fans enjoyed the boys performances.

A couple of fans started tweeting that they saw actor Matthew Mcconaughey in attendance, one fan tweeted a photo of him sitting in front of her and a couple of other fans also tweeted similar photos.

Turns out the actor attended with his wife and children, they enjoyed the concert and were spotted taking photos and videos of the fans chanting to BTS’s songs.

He was then spotted with a signed album of BTS and its believed he had met them backstage. Another video showed Matthew Mcconaughey carrying a large bag of BTS’s merchandise.

Check out some of the fan-taken videos:

Who would have guessed that Oscar winner actor Matthew Mcconaughey would be spotted at a BTS concert of all places?

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