Lee Seung Gi Shares His New Ideal Type And It Differs Greatly From What We Knew


Beloved actor Lee Seung Gi has gave fans an update on his ideal type, something that a lot of fans find interesting.

He was a special guest on this week’s episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” he talked about numerous things and the topic of ideal type naturally came up.

He gave a different answer than the one we had in our memory, he said,

“Back in the days, I used to be specific about the person’s appearance or personality but its not like that anymore.

I want someone I can talk to and someone who makes my heart flutter while making me feel a sense of security.”

Tony Ahn’s mom added,

“You know when you get that feeling. If you meet such a woman who makes you feel that way, you should marry her then.”

Lee Seung Gi added,

“I would like to be able to comfortable around that person and enjoy their company without having to do anything in particular.”

What do you think girls? Do you fit Lee Seung Gi’s ideal type?

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