Jessi Stands Up For HyunA When A Hater Left A Nasty Comment On Her Instagram

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Jessi’s got HyunA’s back!

The beloved sassy rapper wasn’t happy when someone left a nasty awful comment on HyunA’s most recent Instagram post.

On September 6, HyunA shared a couple of photos of herself enjoying her time at the grocery store. A person with nothing better to do with their lives decided it would be a good idea to leave this comment,

“How come you have brave to post your ugly face here?”

This comment didn’t sit well with HyunA’s fans, they began defending HyunA and calling out that commenter for her bad manners. Jessi apparently saw the comment and decided to give that person a taste of her mind, she replied,

“First of all, learn your grammar before you try to come at someone. And second of all stfu. Where are your photos at sis?”

Fans were very happy with Jessi’s response and the way she defend HyunA. The two are known for being close friends.

This isn’t the first time Jessi stood up for HyunA. She recently voiced her opinion on the backlash HyunA received because of her public relationship with E’Dawn.

Fans left HyunA many more encouraging messages after that for HyunA, some also voiced their opinions on people leaving nasty unnecessary comments on HyunA’s Instagram.

Some of the comments were,

“If you don’t like someone..than don’t follow them.. simple… I don’t get the logic of you following ppl who u don’t like.”

“Queens sticking up for queens. This is why I support you too! Plus your music is fire!”

“You may not be able to read my comments but I want to say a huge Fighting! Don’t pay attention at jealous people ! You are beautiful, so talented and you are an amazing people ! Be happy”

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