Rumors have it that Jeon Somi might not be debuting as a part of any girl group any time soon.

The trainee idol left JYP Entertainment last month, the news shocked fans who had expected her to be the focal point of JYP’s new girl group.

Various reports released on September 4 claim that Jeon Somi won’t be signing with any label in the near future and instead her father Matthew Douma will be managing her activities for now.

As you’d expect, Jeon Somi did receive various offers from labels but it seems that she decided to wait a while before making a decision.

The topic of why she left JYP Entertainment is still fresh in fans memory, many fans don’t know the real reason for her departure. With Jeon Somi and JYP Entertainment being purposefully vague, fans can’t help but become more curious.

Jeon Somi can sing, dance and has great variety skills. She proved herself to be the ultimate package while she promoted as part of I.O.I before they disbanded back in early 2017.

An insider stressed that its important why her contract with JYP Entertainment was canceled. Some fans fear that Jeon Somi might be ditching the plan of becoming a part of a girl group.

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