Is Red Velvet Wendy Collaborating With John Legend For Upcoming SM Station Release?

Is it time to jump up and down because two legends are collaborating together?

Hold your horses; check out these clues before you make a judgment.

Some fans believe that Red Velvet Wendy is collaborating with John Legend, a popular American singer and songwriter; they are rumored to sing a track for the next ‘Station x 0’ release.

SM Entertainment posted a ‘coming soon’ image and fans saw the silhouette and now believe that it’s a picture of Red Velvet Wendy and John Legend. Fans also have a couple of evidence that proves their theory.

SM Entertainment US account has shared a story to its Instagram in the desert of California and tagged an account called @vp.hits, vp.hits is  VICTORIOUS A&R publishing and management company.

vp.hits had shared their own very mysterious post with the caption,

“Happy Birthday to the King of Pop!! It’s only fitting we’re in the Thriller room today. @johnlegend @westlakestudios #mj #classic #smtown”

The photo is what appears to be that of a recording studio, they had also shared their own Instagram story of the same location but a different angle indicating they were filming there.

Fans believe its Wendy because the silhouette resembles her and because she can speak perfect English. Fans can’t contain their happiness; a possible collaboration between those two powerful vocalists would be life.

What do you think of these hints? Do you think they’re collaborating?

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