Is Mnet Pressuring Wanna One Members To Extend Their Contracts? Entertainment Insiders Weigh In


Popular boy group Wanna One is expected to disband on December 31st, 2018. There has been previously been reports that the group members were in talks to extend their contracts till the end of January 2019.

This decision came to be because CJ E&M suggested this so the group attends more end-year concerts together. However, this decision was initially met with mixed responses; some labels were with while some were hesitant because they had already drawn schedules to debut the Wanna One members in other groups and such.

This news was long ago, not many updates about the subjects have been little. Recently an entertainment insider spoke to Chosun Monthly and talked about the possibility of the extension of the contract and whether each member agency would end up agreeing or not, the insider said,

“There have been rumors that Mnet and Wanna One’s label are not trying to force the individual members’ labels to extend their contract. Some of the labels want the members back so they could debut them as soon as possible. However, its hard to survive in this industry if you have a bad relationship with Mnet, Mnet is a part of CJ E&M, so the labels are considering the option for now.”

Fans, on the other hand, have mixed feelings about this, some want the members to return to their respective groups while others pray for the contracts to be extended so they could see Wanna One together a bit more.

What do you personally think of this? Do you want them to extend their contracts or not?


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