Is HyunA Leaving Cube Entertainment And Joining AOMG? Fans Find Clues That Supports Their Theory


Anticipation is high everyone is keeping a close eye on HyunA and E’Dawn’s next move.

Cube Entertainment first announced that they are kicking the two idols out because they ‘couldn’t repair the broken trust’ but then retracted their initial announcement and said that the two are in discussion with the label about their future with them.

Fans think the fact that the stock dropping the label is one of the reasons they retracted their claim, also, an insider revealed that HyunA and E’Dawn found out they were kicked out by watching the news just like everybody else. Cube Entertainment reportedly didn’t contact them to let them know they were out.

Fans have been keeping an eye on HyunA’s next move and found something very very interesting. HyunA’s stylist has posted AOMG business card to her Instagram story and captioned,

“Let’s do well/good luck.”


Not only that, but fans also noticed that HyunA’s manager has removed Cube Entertainment logo from her Instagram bio. HyunA has not made any public comment since the fiasco that her agency created last week.

Jay Park had previously worked with HyunA, they are known for being friends. Fans actually support the idea and think that AOMG would suit her style better, some saying she would be treated better and be given more freedom.

AOMG is known for giving their artists freedom and also known for being chill, they house many talented rappers and Jay Park would benefit if she would be a part of his agency.

However, these remain only speculations. It could also be that the stylist and the manager have left the agency and won’t be working with HyunA anymore. Nothing is confirmed as of yet.

What do you think of the clues? Would you like to see HyunA join AOMG?

Stay tuned for updates!

My Thoughts

I don’t want to get too excited and then find out its not happening but I can’t help myself from thinking of just how good this can be.

There are two possible scenarios here. It could be that HyunA’s manager and stylist have left the agency and will be working with AOMG and other artists or it could be that they are still by HyunA’s side and HyunA has decided to move to another agency and they are teasing the fans.

The decision of whether HyunA will stay or leave Cube is rumored to be coming this week, many articles say that the announcement will be made this week and HyunA and E’Dawn’s will have a say in their future at Cube.

I wish she would leave, if I were her and had respect for myself I wouldn’t stay under any circumstances. If an agency did that to me, I can never trust them to run my promotions EVER again, they broke her trust and said some nasty things to the world when they could have resolved it quietly and professionally.

I think she would suit AOMG so well and I bet Jay Park would consider taking her in, he is both a rapper and a savvy businessman. I remember Zico talked about Jay Park offering him a place in his label but he had rejected it.

God, I hope this whole ordeal ends soon and HyunA gives an answer!



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