International Fans Furious After Knetizens List Korean Kpop Groups Claiming They’re ‘More Successful’

There has been a debate online initiated by a Korean netizen who made a list about Kpop groups who only have Korean members, the list claims those native groups are more successful.

I thought it would be interesting to share the list as well as Koreans and international fans reactions to it.

So the list was made by this netizen as a response to Mnet’s “Produce 48,” the group has foreign members in it. The topic expanded to talk about other groups that also only have Korean members.

Some started arguing that these groups are ‘more successful,’ netizens started adding to the list and it only grew bigger.

The list includes:

TVXQ, Big Bang, SHINee, BTS, G-Friend, MAMAMOO, A Pink, VIXX, B1A4, Block B and many others.

Some netizens reacted positivity to the list calling out foreign idols members, some saying idols are cosplaying as Koreans, some say they causes controversies with their lack of basic knowledge of Korean history, some also said they prefer Kpop groups with only Korean members for no reason.

Some even went ahead and claimed that Kpop groups with foreign members are popular because Koreans have ‘that much appeal’ and someone mentioned that Woollim stopped accepting foreign trainees after Tasty’s incident.

However, this wasn’t what all Korean netizens thought. Some called out the post malicious and racist. Others thought the post is targeted to diss idol groups with foreign members.

International fans didn’t have the best reaction either. They called the post ‘racist’ and a poor attempt to garner negative attention.

Some left comments such as,

“Lmao knetz fail AGAIN to understand the obvious. Without foreign idols kpop wouldn’t be this popular worlwide. These comments are not only false but also really racist.”

“They are so against foreign idols when kpop spends most of their time promoting in foreign countries.”

“The top 3 GGs of this generation (RV, BP, Twice) all have foreign members and doing way better than any other group they can list. LMAO.”

What do you guys think of this?

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