Industry Insiders Discuss The Possibility Of HyunA Joining AOMG And Discuss What She’ll Do Next

Earlier this week, fans found evidence that hinted at the possibility of HyunA joining AOMG, recently Industry Insiders shared their thoughts on the matter and updated fans on what HyunA might end up doing once her discussions with Cube Entertainment are over.

Unfortunately, it has been revealed that the stylist social media activities are not related with HyunA’s. The insiders told Ilgan Sports that the stylist had found new work with AOMG and added,

“They would have signed a contract with HyunA not her stylist if they really wanted to have her in the label.”

According to the insiders, HyunA will make a move once she organizes her thoughts since the ordeal she’s been is not easy. It was reported by a close source that HyunA and E’Dawn found out they were kicked out by their label through social media and news just like everybody else.

This means that the couple was extremely shocked and distressed since they had no idea they were kicked out. Since then, Cube Entertainment peddled back and told the public that they have not been kicked out but they were still discussing with the couple also adding that they would have a say in their future at Cube Entertainment.

Fans have been anxiously waiting for news of the decision of Cube Entertainment; however, the label has been silent since then. The whole mess happened back on September 13.

Fans were sad when they heard what they insiders had to say but it also makes sense that HyunA would only make a definite decision to join an agency if and when she organizes her thoughts.

Finding a good reputable agency that treats you like a human isn’t an easy thing to find in South Korea. Fans will support HyunA and wait until she announces her decision.

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