iKON’s Junhoe Apologizes TWICE For Telling Fans Not To Order Him To Do This Or That

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iKON’s Junhoe has been embroiled in controversy today for posting a photo of a gift by Japanese comedian/film director Kitano Takeshi. Fans took issue with the post and one fan told him to delete it.

iKON’s Junhoe confronted the fan and told them not to order him to do this or that, he also added that he doesn’t like to chicken out and delete posts just because a post created controversy.

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The controversy stems from the fact that netizens allege that Kitano Takeshi had previously shown hate towards Korea.

He has deleted his original post since then and apologized, twice.

In his first apology, he wrote,

“I’m sorry. I did not know other information because he was an actor I liked. I did not know that it would be like this because I thought that fans were friends and it would be okay to talk comfortably. I’m really sorry. From now on, I will become a Junhoe who speaks carefully. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

That wasn’t the end of it, because again, he took to instagram to post a handwritten letter that reads,

“Hello, this is Koo Junhoe.

Earlier, I had been in the middle of filming for group appearance on a show with my group so I quickly expressed my apologizes. I am truly sorry for worrying my fans who supported me and loved me, even though I am lacking.

You gave me advice since you worried about me, but I didn’t understand the situation. I thought it was a conversation between a close friend and took it lightly and mistook it, I belatedly felt ashamed. I am so sorry.

I regret replying without thinking to my fans who take care of me first. I’ll try to become more mature and careful after this.

Once again, I sincerely apologize.

From, Koo Junhoe.”

Do you think he needed to apologize?

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