iKON Cancels Many Events Including Live Broadcast Appearances, High Touch Events And More

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The fallout of iKON’s Junhoe recent controversy has reached a new height as YG Entertainment announced that a lot of iKON activities have been canceled.

YGEX posted to twitter TWICE canceling many events and citing ‘internal circumstances’ as the reason.

On September 25, YGEX posted,

“The live appearance of the iKON members on September 25 at 9-10 pm on ABEMATV is no longer taking place due to internal circumstances.”

In another post, they canceled many other things, they wrote,

“The originally planned group photo session, the high touch event, and the rehearsal viewing on September 26 and September 28 have been canceled due to internal circumstances. Thank you for understanding; we deeply apologize to the fans who were looking forward to the event.”

Its believed that the events were canceled because of the controversy iKON’s Junhoe has been in.

Of course, Japanese fans didn’t like this and some left comments talking about what iKON’s Junhoe issue with netizen has to do with them, while some others praised iKON’s Junhoe for standing up to himself at first and not bending his opinion to cater to netizens. Junhoe has since apologized twice for what he said.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I am sad that he had to apologise. Why is it that Idols can’t be themselves? Fans – no, all netizens should focus on supporting and cheering instead of spreading hate.

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