‘If You Don’t Follow The Rules You’re Out’ JYP’s Message To Jeon Somi?


There is a crazy rumor going on that I felt I needed to share with you all!

Yesterday, Park Jin Young (JYP Entertainment founder) posted a very very long message to his Instagram account, he thanked his label artists, his colleagues, talked about JYP’s success this year, revealed he’s becoming a father and also talked about ‘rules.’

Jeon Somi left JYP Entertainment suddenly last month; the label announced her departure with them through a statement saying,

“JYP Entertainment has come to the agreement of terminating our contract with Jeon Somi after discussing and coming into mutual agreement on the termination. We want to sincerely thank our artist and her fans who have been with us until now.”

People thought the statement was dry unlike JYP’s statement usually are, also it was never explained why she terminated her contract all of a sudden. To add to the fire, JYP immediately confirmed to news outlets that despite Somi’s departure they are moving forward with their new girl group debut (Somi was supposed to be the center).

Yesterday JYP’s post is creating speculations, in his long Instagram post, he wrote,

“Since our company was established we had our own principles and have been trying to run the company by keeping those principles, artists are required to abide by strict self-management rules from the moment they become trainees. Those who continue to violate those standards will no longer be with us even if they had already debuted.

I would like to say thank to the artists who worked hard to follow the rules, as always.”

A couple of hours ago, it was revealed that Jeon Somi might be joining YG Entertainment sub-label The Black Label and some believe that she was removed from JYP because she did something wrong judging from the tone of JYP’s instagram statement.

People started talking about other times ex-JYP idols violated rules and if it contributed to them getting kicked out, with Somi’s departure and her reportedly joining YG’s label as soon as she left makes fans wonder if she might have broken a rule or something.

Though the set of rules was never made public, fans are still curiously trying to figure out why she left and why and how she found a label so soon even though she is still practically a trainee.

What do you think of this?

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