#HyunA, #Cube and #Pentagon Trend Worldwide After HyunA And E’Dawn Were Leave Their Label

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Fans have a lot to say about HyunA and E’Dawn sudden exit from Cube Entertainment that has been announced just a couple of hours ago.

On September 13, Cube Entertainment released an official statement confirming that HyunA and E’Dawn are now not a part of their label anymore citing ‘broken trust’ as the reason.

Twitter is now raving about the news and fans reactions are what you’d expect.

#HyunA, #Cube and #Pentagon all trended worldwide on Twitter, with #HyunA garnering more than 490,000 tweets while #Cube generated more than 630,000 tweets and Pentagon had more than 210,000 tweets.

Fans have slammed Cube Entertainment for their decision to kick out both artists, the two are extremely talented and many believe Cube Entertainment will suffer because they kicked them out.

Here are some of the fans comments,

“My sadness is turning into anger. stop trying to invalidate universes’ feelings we are allowed to feel heartbroken, sad, frustrated and cheated I dont care if you think cube made the right decision, they’re still a shitty ass company period for handling the situation so poorly..”

“Wow.. Cube actually did that? What a way to give power to the crazy “oppa is mine” netizen who basically started all this in the first place.. I can’t believe they have kicked two people out of a company for DATING What idol will dare to confess to having a relationship now?”

“It suck for hyuna & edawn, but every decision has consequence I guess..”

“cant believe that cube had the audacity to kick hyuna n edawn out..”

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  1. Since the rest of the world is generally completely in favor of idols dating, just maybe SK should look at what prepubescent knetz are doing to their idols… Track where all of the hate comments come from, and ask Why? They can say “we don’t get their culture” all they want, it’s still stupid, immature and unsettling how knetz can ruin careers just for dating. With more hallyu wave success comes world opinion, maybe someday idols will be able to date without reprisals.

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