BTS is arguably the biggest boy group of South Korea at the moment, they have recently made their comeback with their repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer” on August 24.

As expected the title track “IDOL” topped all major real-time Korean charts shortly after its release. The track was not only a huge success overseas but also in South Korea.

Despite their huge success and their sold-out tours in Seoul, the group had only achieved their first perfect all-kill on iChart On May 21 at 12:30 a.m. KST with “Fake Love.”

Fans had expected that BTS would be able to snag its second perfect all-kill with their hit track “IDOL,” however; the group hasn’t been able to snag it yet.


The Korean charts are tough competition and the most popular artists are fighting for a spot at the top 10 on the iChart.

Shaun, a rising Korean singer, is probably the reason BTS wasn’t able to snag that AKP. Shaun’s hit summer track “Way back Home” is now currently sitting at the top of the charts snagging the first place in most of charts.

BTS also faces another huge competitor 10cm, an established South Korean band that usually does extremely well on the Korean charts.

Besides 10cm, BTS is now facing against Baekhyun who teamed up with LOCO for a track that is now doing also extremely well on Korean charts.

With almost two weeks since the release of their title track and continuous new Korean songs hitting the charts, it seems that BTS might not be able to achieve AKP for “IDOL.”


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