GOT7 Jackson Defends A Girl When A Man Pushed Her Aside To Take His Photos

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In case you needed more reasons to love GOT7 Jackson here is a new one for you!

On September 21, GOT7 attended KBS “Music Bank” filming, they were surrounded by fans who wanted to take their photos and say hi to them.

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It was raining outside and a fangirl was holding an umbrella up to protect him from the rain, however, a man shoved the fangirl aside to take better photos of him, fans accounts alleged.

GOT7 Jackson didn’t stay quiet and told the man that it wasn’t okay to push women aside, he first checked to see if the girl was okay and then said to the man,

“You shouldn’t do that to a woman, you shouldn’t push her like that. Don’t shove women like that. Okay?”

Jackson wasn’t happy when he said and seemed very angry when that girl was pushed aside, fans rarely see that side of Jackson but were happy that he admonished the man telling him not to do that again.

Fans loved how Jackson stood up for the girl, he was praised by netizens and fans after a video of the incident was published to various social media platforms.

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