Goo Hara Attempted Suicide? Agency Refutes Crazy Rumors


Fans were taken by surprise and scared after rumors spread claiming that Goo Hara has attempted suicide.

Thankfully, Goo Hara’s agency stepped up and explained why she was hospitalized and denied the crazy suicide rumors, they said,

Goo Hara has been suffering from sleep disorder and indigestion and she has been receiving treatment for that for a while now. After taking the prescribed medication, she went to the hospital this morning to check up and receive an examination on her current condition.

It will depend on the progress of the examination, it could continue until tomorrow.”

The rumors of suicide are not true at all, her agency firmly denied that to media outlets.

She has recently been in the news for considering a drama comeback alongside Actor Ji Soo, however, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

We hope that she’s doing well these days! Fighting Hara we’re praying for your recovery!

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