Girl Group Active For More Than 2 Years Reveal They Haven’t Been Paid ANYTHING Yet


The idol life isn’t that pretty or easy at all. This rising Kpop girl group have talked about the struggles of it in a recent interview that blew up.

WJSN have debuted two years and a half ago but are yet to gain momentum, the group had added the former I.O.I member Yeonjung, but still haven’t gained the same level of success I.O.I enjoyed once.

The group has revealed they haven’t received any payment yet, shocking fans!

During a press conference back on September 17 that was held before their upcoming album “WJ PLEASE?” Luda opened up about a comment she made on MBC’s show Dunia which was about payments.

She said,

“Since it’s a variety show, there were definitely parts that were jokingly exaggerated. Its true that we haven’t been paid yet. We have been working hard since our debut and there are a lot of hands-on experiences we learned. I believe there are many things that are more important than payment. But as hard as we have worked on this album, we think we might hear good news soon. We want to receive a lot of love from fans.”

EXY added,

“Rather than going after money, we plan on working hard and moving one step up at a time, realizing how special each performance is. We believe this day will come eventually when we can make money and take good care of our parents. We’re not in a hurry.”

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