Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Files For Divorce From Wife Of Three Years

Kpop fans were shocked today when it was reported that the former U-Kiss member Dongho is filing for divorce from his wife.

The reports emerged on September 20, one media outlet reported that he had submitted the divorce papers to the courthouse and is preparing to end things with his wife.

The couple has a son together, according to that report, he is currently living apart from both his wife and his son, they will settle the matter of their son’s custody through the legal process that will take place in the future.

Dongho shocked fans when he announced he was getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend back in 2015, a year later, they welcomed their son.

Fans worried about the report and were sad when they found out it was actually true, Dongho himself confirmed through a statement to his facebook page, he wrote,


I apologize to everyone who worried because of the reports today.

I wanted to go through this quietly for the sake of my son and his mother, but the reports came out.

This isn’t something I will talk about for long, but we had decided to get a divorce due to personality difference. We have completed all the paperwork for a divorce, we mutually agreed to do this.

I came to this decision after a lot of worry and discussions, since I didn’t want to separate from my child’s mother due to a bad relationship. We will both take responsibility to take care of our child until the very end despite ending our relationship as a married couple.

Lastly, I am already exposed to the mass media, but I would like to ask you all for this not to become a bigger wound to my son as he grows up.

Thank you.”

The former U-Kiss member debuted as part of his group back in 2008 and left in 2013.

He had previously made an appearance with his son on the popular variety show “The Return of Superman.”

Wishing them both the best!

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