Fans Notice BTS’s RM Hand Shaking During United Nation Speech, Leave The Best Most Encouraging Comments

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On September 24, BTS attended the ceremonial event for “Generation Unlimited” at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

It was a momentum for the group as they sat down among world leaders, fans couldn’t contain their happiness.

BTS’s RM delivered an amazing inspiring speech that’s directed towards the younger generation. The speech was highly covered by many international news outlets.

The speech touched not only fans’ hearts but also those who didn’t know about BTS but had listened to the speech.

RM looked confident while delivering the speech but one fan posted a close-up of RM’s hand that was shaking as he delivered the speech.

The tweet read,

“No one really noticed joonie’s hands during his speech, he must be really nervous.”

Army had the best reaction after watching the clip, here are some of their comments,

“I would have literally fainted if I were in his shoes, much less been able to keep my voice steady. He, on the other hand, sounded like the definition of calm and stoic. He gave me strength.”

“He’s so calm, actually if you aren’t focusing on his gestures you wouldn’t know that he’s wrecking inside. pls, i’m so proud of him.”

“I legit am so proud of him. He literally blew our minds standing out there and being unique.  Oh we stan talent.”

“I mean he gave speech in front of many great Politicians, heads of countries, prince and princess even. I would be dying of nervousness inside.”

As someone who isn’t a fan of BTS, I want to say god bless you and thank for standing tall and delivering this speech.

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