Fans Ask The Boyz New And Sunwoo Agency To Kick Them Out Because Of Their Remarks Towards Women


The Boyz New and Sunwoo are in trouble and fans aren’t happy about their comments…

Past misogynistic comments by The Boyz New and Sunwoo spread online and caused huge backlash, the idols answered questions that were “what kind of pet you wish to own?” and “what kind of pet you wish to have if you live overseas?” the boys answered, “woman” and “foreign woman.”

Fans were furious because of their answers; the answers are both offensive and inappropriate. Fans started claiming that they had been disrespectful to fans before and disrespectful to their members at a recent V Live.

The fans ended up demanding Cre.ker Entertainment (The Boyz’s agency) to kick out the members, the agency responded to the issue and issued an apology, they said,

“Hello, this is Cre.ker Entertainment.

We would like to thank the fans first and foremost who always treasure The Boyz.

With a heavy mind we are aware of the issues that have been on your minds lately. We are currently having discussions with the members regarding the incident. We plan on looking into the issue in details through the discussions and fill the lacking aspects.

We would like to sincerely apologize for not being able to notice the issue ahead of time. Please refrain from making criticism and don’t spread exaggerated rumors that are away from the truth.

We will try to prevent such incident from occurring again. Thank you!”

The Boyz is a rookie boy group with 12 members that debuted back in 2017 under Cre.ker Entertainment. They received recognition and were awarded rookies of year at two awards shows.

International fans are split on this one, some think it would be better for the two to be kicked out while some others are asking everybody to wait before making assumptions.

New is born in 1998 and is 20 years old while Sunwoo (born in 2000) is 18 years old.

The incident reminded fans of Jay Park who was also taken out of his group after people found comments that were reportedly mean towards Korea online, Jay Park left 2PM and never went back.

What do you think of this issue?

My Thoughts

If they were 12 or 13 I wouldn’t be as shocked, but these comments are appalling and that they actually called women pets is something I can never understand, how can such young boys have this mentality?

I put down their age so fans won’t give me that ‘they are too young’, even if they were young, having such a mentality and point of view of women is… really worrisome….

I understand knetz on this one, I totally agree they should be disciplined, I don’t know about kicking them out of the group because I don’t think its right to cut the means of someone’s lifeline just because they said an awful thing.

However, I know that knetz won’t let this slide, they don’t let tinier issues slide do you think they will let such big degrading words slide?

this will affect the group that has been doing so well until now, its sad but I won’t be shocked if they ended up kicked out…. I don’t personally think it’s the best thing to do but…

If the agency won’t take a strict action against them fans might believe they support what New and Sunwoo said. I don’t know The Boyz or listen to them personally and that was an awful way I got introduced to them, they will be now known as the group with members who said misogynistic things about women…


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